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Physical Therapy

Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, physical therapy at EXOS focuses on a holistic approach to injuries, encompassing a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored in to the injury taking place.

While EXOS has made its name training and rehabbing professional athletes, the same world-class service, physical therapists, and athletic trainers support high school, collegiate, and amateur athletes as well as everyday people looking to bounce back from injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective manner.

Physical therapy is available as an individual service or part of an integrated performance program that includes training and nutrition services.


Typical physical therapy clients include:

  • Professional and elite athletes
  • Collegiate, high school, and youth athletes
  • Military, firefighters, and law enforcement officers
  • Adults living active lifestyles

Physical Therapy the EXOS Way

We take the process personally.

We invest in all of our clients, whether a reigning MVP looking to get back on the field, a firefighter trying to get back to duty, or an active adult wanting to achieve a more physically active lifestyle. Their goal becomes the goal of our dedicated team. As part of that personal approach, each patient meets individually with a licensed physical therapist and/or athletic trainer and receives one-on-one consultations with a performance nutritionist to create a plan that supports their nutritional needs as they progress through therapy.

We have world-class facilities.

Our facilities are widely regarded throughout the world as the premier destination for performance training. With equipment from industry leaders such as Keiser, SKLZ, Power Plate, AlterG, and WOODWAY, we use every inch of space in and around the facility, including our movement fields to assist in the therapeutic process. We feel the best way to get back on the field faster, stronger, and fitter is to actually get on the field during the process, building performance levels while recovering from injury.

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It's a team effort.

While our therapists plan an integrated treatment plan, they consult with our staff of performance training, soft tissue, and nutrition specialists, as well as a player's team trainers and sports medicine specialists to ensure a fully integrated recovery plan. Want to train through recovery? Performance specialists and physical therapists develop a combined approach to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance, providing total-body strength and balance, which will help prevent future injuries.

We help you prevent future injuries with prehab.

As part of the recovery process, each patient will learn prehab exercises to reduce the potential for future injury. These exercises will help to continue strengthening weakened areas, while improving flexibility and mobility and decreasing the risk of future injury.

Am I an ideal candidate for physical therapy at EXOS?

EXOS is an ideal physical therapy provider for patients who wish to return to athletic competition, a highly active lifestyle, or a physically demanding work environment. Athletes of all levels (professional, elite, collegiate, and high school), firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and others motivated to recover quickly from a performance-related injury or surgical procedure, will find EXOS to be the unsurpassed rehabilitation solution.

EXOS physical therapy offers:

  • Board-certified physical therapists and certified athletic trainers at each facility
  • Insurance and out-of-pocket payment options
  • Soft tissue specialist with expertise in neuromuscular and lymph drainage practices including ASTYM at each facility
  • Facilities equipped with the world's finest equipment from companies such as Keiser, SKLZ, Power Plate, AlterG, and WOODWAY
  • One-on-one attention and low client-to-staff ratio
  • Nutrition education included
  • Food service available

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