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Sports Organizations

EXOS offers consulting to support your team’s staff and to supplement performance, nutrition, and physical therapy needs. Working together toward your organization’s goals, EXOS specialists work with athletes on-site or off-site, providing various levels of support, while being in constant communication with your team’s strength-and-conditioning and medical staff. Team consulting opportunities include:

  • Preseason training at an EXOS facility
  • Offseason nutrition plan for athletes with body composition issues
  • Preseason and offseason performance testing of athletes
  • Continuing education courses focused on areas specifically related to your team's needs


EXOS' world-class facilities are built with industry-leading equipment from our partners—Keiser, Power Plate, WOODWAY, Octane Fitness, CYBEX, VersaClimber, and TRX—in order to maximize our athletes’ performance. Creating an environment that includes performance equipment, field space for movement, and recovery areas is essential to creating fully-integrated environments for training. EXOS facility consulting provides guidance on how to build and equip a world-class facility for athletes and clients to fit your needs, space, and budget.


EXOS is dedicated to providing our athletes and clients with the most effective and ethical solutions to reach their performance and life goals. EXOS is involved in case studies and clinical trials in the areas of wellness, performance training and rehabilitation. We take on studies to help innovate product design and improve training methodology within our walls, in addition to collaboration with our partners and various universities to answer broader research questions.

Recent projects include:

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