Integrated Performance Services

At EXOS, we offer a variety of services to help individuals and teams reach peak physical performance. These services include training, nutrition, physical therapy, consulting, and sports science.

  • Training - The fitness component of the program where strength, speed, agility, and endurance training are used to achieve goals. Learn more >
  • Nutrition - The foundation of every program, pre- and post-workout nutrition are used to optimize muscle building and recovery. Learn more >
  • Physical Therapy - The recovery aspect of the program used to aid those recovering from surgery, injury, or looking to get rid of everyday aches and pains. Learn more >
  • Performance Center Management - Today more and more leading health systems, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and consumer brands are looking at ways to engage their local population with performance training and nutrition services. EXOS offers performance center management services to provide you with EXOS training and nutrition programs, ran by EXOS specialists at your location. Learn more >
  • Sports Science Our sports science data analytics tools enable actionable solutions and supplement teams’ existing strength, conditioning, and medical staff, allowing athletes and teams to achieve their performance potential. Learn more >

At each EXOS facility, teams of specialists communicate daily to ensure that the best practices are in place to support the needs of each athlete or client. For this reason, EXOS has long been the chosen destination for the top champions in every major sport to prepare for the upcoming season and bounce back after injury.