The Comeback Initiative™

Back to duty. Back to life.™

Since 2010, EXOS has been supporting injured and wounded warriors from the special operations community. The Comeback Initiative program, dedicated to providing injured and wounded special operations soldiers with world-class integrated performance game plans, has supported more than 400 special opeations personnel. The training and rehabilitation support has helped many return to protecting our country on the front lines, but, more importantly, helped them stay active and live with less pain.

is a larger movement that will serve the military, law enforcement, first responders, and anyone
who runs towards trouble.

Everyone can relate to a comeback. It’s a sports-related term that's spilled into everyday usage—a comeback story, a comeback kid, or, in our case, a comeback from life-altering injuries. When a professional athlete gets injured, everyone goes to extreme lengths to get them back into playing shape. That same level of support is needed for those willing to sacrifice their lives for their country.

“Every day that I come here I get a little bit closer to how I'm going to write the last chapter and how I'm going to leave the military. When I started the program I was on crutches, and six weeks later I was running. I'm back to active duty, and I have my life back because of this program.”

— Lt. Col. Enrique Melendez, U.S. Army

The Comeback Initiative program includes:

  • Performance training with sessions focused on strength, power, speed, agility, and conditioning.
  • Physical therapy for rehabilitation of current injuries and to provide injury-prevention strategies.
  • Performance nutrition that includes personalized fueling and hydration plans to maximize recovery and performance.

The Comeback Initiative is a program operated by EXOS, but supported by various charities dedicated to supporting those who serve our country provide funding and support to needy veterans and others to receive services through the programProgram participants are chosen and sponsored by charities based on the specific military, law enforcement, fire fighter, or first responders that the charity supports. For more information on current charitable partners and their missions, visit our support page.

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