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Each day, members of the military face new and unexpected challenges as conditions, terrains, and situations are always changing, requiring various physical assets and skills to succeed and, sometimes, survive. EXOS takes great pride in training members of the military and helping prepare and preserve the military's most important asset—human capital.

EXOS' military programs maximize the physical assets tactical athletes need to be successful every day for every mission by building strength, power, speed, and agility, while increasing flexibility and mobility to decrease the potential for injury. Integrating training programs with supportive nutrition and recovery strategies support both non-duty and mission operations for peak performance.

EXOS' Tactical Military programs include the Intensive Restoration and Training program as well as Tactical Military Education courses.

Accelerated Return to Duty Program

When a professional athletes gets injured they have a team relying on them. The same is true for tactical athletes. Their team needs them to return to action and provide their knowledge, skills, and expertise. Just  like our support of professional athletes, we’re passionately dedicated to helping wounded warriors return to pain-free activity and high-intensity training so that they may continue to serve with their teams.

Built specifically for tactical athletes, the Accelerated Return to Duty program bridges the gap between rehabilitation therapy and intensive performance training. Working together with TRICARE medical teams, our specialists create personalized training, nutrition, and recovery strategies, providing athletes the opportunity to focus solely on their recovery and training.

The Accelerated Return to Duty program is also what drives the impact results of The Comeback Initiative, EXOS' program dedicated to supporting wounded and injured service members who are sponsored by collaborating charities.

“Since coming to EXOS, I've been able to perform and do things physically that I didn't think I'd be able to do again. Just becoming stronger, you have a sense of accomplishment that you've pushed past a plateau, and you're really satisfied day-in and day-out. Coming here allows you to return to the job that you're so passionate about.”

—TSgt Marc Esposito

The Accelerated Return to Duty program includes:

  • Performance Training — strength, power, speed and agility
  • Physical Therapy — rehabilitation of current injuries and injury prevention strategies
  • Performance Nutrition — personalized fueling and hydration plans to maximize performance

“Before coming here, I was barely able to jump, barely able to run. Since coming to Athletes' Performance six weeks ago, I’m running 15 minutes on a treadmill and running sprints on a field. Things I never thought I’d be doing a year out from my injuries. I definitely feel that coming here has changed my life for the better.”

—Injured Special Forces soldier

If you’re an injured tactical athlete, a team leader with injured soldiers, or a charitable organization dedicated to helping wounded warriors return to duty, contact us today to learn more about our Intensive Restoration and Training programs and The Comeback Initiative.

Tactical Military Education

EXOS is proud to offer specialized education opportunities for tactical athletes to help them best prepare themselves and their teams for peak physical performance. Based on EXOS' proven methodology fueled by scientific research and application, our education programs in performance training, rehabilitation and nutrition help tactical athletes learn how to best support themselves and their teams with an integrated industry-leading training system.

Tactical Performance Mentorship - Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Tactical Performance Mentorship (TPM) comprehensive series is designed to introduce the components of the EXOS Training System to tactical personnel. During this phase, the tactical athlete will learn the principles needed to integrate every aspect of the EXOS Training System. Designed in a “tell-show-do” format, classroom sessions are designed to explain the training component, while practical sessions are then designed for the EXOS staff to demonstrate proper execution of a component and coach the athlete into the same correct execution. Throughout the content there is a consistent focus on simple strategies for application allowing for the lessons learned to be transitioned to the tactical environment. Upon completion of the TPM, the tactical athlete will have the tools to integrate the EXOS methodology into their current training regimen.


This course is designed to supplement and support the operational needs and goals of:

+ Unit leaders looking to bring physical performance skills and tools back to their team

+ Individuals looking to improve their operational readiness

+ Individuals looking to improve their physical performance in preparation for selection school

+ Trainers and coaches who work with tactical athlete populations

2015 Dates

Pensacola, FL: March 16 - 20
Carlsbad, CA: March 23 - 27

For more information and to register, contact LeAnn Lincoln, or 850-512-5578.

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