About Our Partners

Premier Performance Partners



A partner since the company's inception, adidas is the official footwear and apparel supplier for EXOS. EXOS staff exclusively wears, uses, and promotes adidas products at our world-class facilities, which are open to all athletes regardless of their footwear and apparel marketing relationships. EXOS and adidas share the same passion for sports, athletes, innovation, and leadership, and are committed to working together to provide performance solutions to help athletes achieve their goals.


SKLZ prepares athletes to be ready for their sport. They offer skill and performance training products and programs for athletes to use at home and in training environments. In 2013, SKLZ and EXOS launched a new training facility at SKLZ Headquarters--an endeavor designed to accelerate innovation in sport performance. The facility supports the full spectrum of EXOS' clients - from athletes, elite military operators, and local companies, providing Southern California's premier location for the advancement of athletic performance. Today, all of SKLZ performance training products are designed in collaboration with EXOS’ Performance Innovation Team, ensuring that every product is evaluated for proof-of-concept, authenticity, athlete benefit, ease-of-use and functional durability.

Thorne Research

Since 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional quality manufacturing and formulation of premium nutritional supplements available through licensed health-care practitioners. With more than 400 products, Thorne Research is recognized by health-care practitioners as a global leader in providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and purity. Through recent acquisitions and joint ventures, Thorne Research now also offers product lines that address the nutritional deficiencies and requirements of those with cancer, neurological disorders, or cardiovascular disease, in addition to a product line for high performance athletes, a comprehensive product line of organic, non-GMO skin-care products, and related supportive practice management programs. With locations in Sandpoint, Idaho, and New York City, Thorne Research operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and employs more than 275 people.