About Our Partners

Elite Performance Partners


Keiser has been producing strength and conditioning equipment for world-class athletes since 1980. The focus of Keiser from its first machine has been on the two components to any human movement: 1) the force you produce and 2) the speed at which you produce it. Combining both speed and strength gives you power, and power is a key component to performance. EXOS is a firm believer in the exceptional quality and functionality of Keiser equipment and uses the line extensively in its training.

Mayo Clinic

A global leader in medicine, the Mayo Clinic celebrates its 150-year anniversary in 2014. With focus on patient care, education, and research, the Mayo Clinic leads the way in providing comprehensive, personalized medicine. With three campuses – Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida –Mayo Clinic delivers health care and innovation to millions annually. A true global leader in medicine, Mayo Clinic and EXOS collaborate in multiple areas, including a co-location with EXOS facilities at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.