Performance Innovation

Behind the Scenes at EXOS

What hasn’t been done before? What can we do better? That’s what we strive to determine daily. In the performance innovation labs at EXOS, we explore new and better ways to help individuals perform better.

Performance Innovation Team

The Performance Innovation team is comprised of a lead group of innovators that include performance coaches, therapists, registered dietitians, neuroscientists, software engineers, and editors, all working in collaboration with our innovative network of researchers, industry professionals, and partners.

Addressing our athletes’ needs and remaining true to our mission is our number one goal. We know that a single idea can revolutionize existing systems and transform the way athletes of all levels prepare, fuel, train, and recover from sports and daily life. Inspired by our partner adidas, we believe impossible is, in fact, nothing.

Latest Research

We specialize in ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots,’ which is to say that we research theories across multi-disciplinary fields, such as sports nutrition, physical therapy, performance training, metabolism, and neuroscience, in order to find more efficient and effective solutions for our athletes.

This evidence-based approach ensures that our systems and practices are rooted in and advanced by the latest research and science, so that all the achievers we work with—from pro soccer players to busy executives to special forces to stay-at-home moms—receive the best methods to achieve their goals.

Make no mistake; we also study what we see working better on the training floor, out on the field, and in the halls of the Fortune 500 companies we work with. Our coaches see amazing results with real athletes on a daily basis, and their findings often drive the direction of research in the lab.

New Projects

We rethink, refine, and ultimately redefine ways to improve health and performance through a wide range of projects. To date, we’ve collaborated on numerous product initiatives, such as breakthrough digital fitness products, in-store movement evaluation stations, training footwear and apparel, and corporate wellness solutions like no other. Here are a few examples of innovative products we’ve helped create recently.

Our Network

You’re only as innovative as the people and ideas you surround yourself with, and we’re proud and honored to collaborate with the best and brightest minds in the performance world. These are individuals and companies who share our core values and passion for forward-thinking, including the adidas Innovation team, EAS, SKLZ, Keiser, Axon Potential, prominent research institutions, and other partners and leaders in their respective fields.

  • Sheraton
  • Adidas
  • SKLZ
  • Kaiser