Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXOS?

EXOS is the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes.



Where is EXOS located?

EXOS has world-class facilities located in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia. For more information, visit our locations page.



How do I contact EXOS?

You can contact EXOS directly by filling out our Contact Us form. You can also contact any of our facilities for more information.



How much does it cost to train at EXOS?

The cost to train at EXOS depends on your needs, services desired, and length of program for our professional, amateur, college, high school, and youth athletes as well as our adult programs. For more information, fill out our Contact Us form or contact any of our EXOS facilities.



How is EXOS different from other personal trainers who work with professional athletes?

What sets EXOS apart is our commitment to excellence and to every athlete that comes through our doors. EXOS offers:

  • A multidimensional team of the leading experts under the same roof
  • A unique approach to helping athletes reach their goals
  • A team on the forefront of rapid knowledge development in areas including biomechanical research, body composition testing, anthropometrics, and body analysis
  • Individualized programs tailored to each athletes' needs
  • Access to world-class facilities featuring state-of-the-art pools, fields, tracks, courts and equipment
  • A private environment for athletes to train (we don't release our athletes' names to the public without permission)
  • An athlete community consisting of top champions across all major sports, including World Series Champions, Super Bowl champions, NBA champions, Stanley Cup winners, Green Jacket winners, Grand Slam winners, and Olympic gold medalists

Can I make arrangements to stay near your facilities, for both myself and my family?

EXOS has established relationships with leading companies near our facilities to offer our athletes the best amenities at the best prices. We can help you with auto rentals, hotels, resorts, extended stay apartments, realtors, babysitters, and daycare centers, as well as recommend local activities for you and your family. Additionally, EXOS offers special training programs to families of our professional athletes. Contact us for more information.



Is there any difference between the training offered at your various facilities?

While each EXOS facility is different, they all offer world-class training and state-of-the-art equipment. Click here to learn more about our facilities.



Can I train at EXOS if my team has specified an offseason training program for me?

Yes. EXOS takes pride in working with teams and athletes to complement and execute team-specified training. We've worked closely in the past with team strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, therapists, and sports medicine teams, and dedicate ourselves to meeting both team and athlete goals.



Do you offer training at an EXOS facility for non-elite athletes?

Yes. EXOS offers programs for amateur, collegiate, high school, and youth athletes, as well as executives dedicated to maximizing their performance. For more information, visit our programs page.



Do you offer education courses for trainers?

EXOS offers accredited continuing education programs for individuals in strength and conditioning, fitness, athletic training, and physical therapy fields to learn and experience the EXOS systems. Visit our education site for more information.



Can youth, high school, or college athletes train at EXOS?

Yes. EXOS offers training programs for youth, high school and collegiate athletes. Many of our athletes have gone on to receive college scholarships and have been chosen in the first round for professional drafts. Learn more on our youth/high school page or our collegiate page.



Can EXOS help me maintain my training year round?

A major emphasis of our program is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and training schedule that provides our athletes with benefits long after they've left our facilities. Our specialists keep regular contact with athletes throughout the year, and each athlete leaves with a program designed to help them continue improving. In addition, see our online training programs, nutrition plans, recovery tips, and hundreds of exercise videos.



Are EXOS team members available for conferences and education courses?

Yes. For EXOS team member availability or to explore opportunities for group mentorship programs, contact our team at



What can EXOS do for corporations looking to improve employee health and wellness?

Our corporate wellness program is designed to help employers and employees improve their health with measurable results. Click here to learn more.



Does EXOS grant franchises?

No. All EXOS facilities are owned and operated by EXOS. If you are a health system, hospital, or orthopaedic group looking to bring performance training to your facility and community, learn more about our Performance Center Management service.



Does EXOS offer public tours?

To ensure both our athletes' privacy and their comfort level, EXOS isn't open to the public for tours. However, if you're interested in any of our programs and would like to schedule an appointment, you can reach us by using the Contact Us form.

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